The Royal Institution, where some of our greatest researchers from Davy and Faraday to Nobel Laureates Bragg and Porter carried out some of their finest work, and where public understanding of science has been pioneered continuously over a period of 200 years, has been brought to the brink of destruction by mismanagement. Please send me an email indicating whether your comments can be published under your name and position, and encourage as many others as possible to do the same to build up a wave of protest and so make it clear to the Government and others in positions of responsibility that we are outraged by the decision to put the premises up for sale. Every effort must be made to save the the Ri which is a unique historical Science Heritage Site for not just a UK but the World. This state of affairs should shame our whole nation. Our aim is explore every avenue and to do all we can to ensure that this venue continues to be the focal point for public understanding of science in the UK and also rise like a phoenix to become the major platform for 21st Century Global Educational Science Outreach.

Professor Sir Harry Kroto
1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry


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  1. Peter bloomfield says:

    Please keep the RI and help it in anyway you can as it would be criminal to let such a well known and important organisation go to the wall. With the RI Britain and the world as a whole can benefit from like minded people working together to better our world

  2. Losing Ri would be like the Globe being sold. Mismanagement not trying to fundraise sooner since difficulties has left us in a situation where we have to act now to save, and ensure our historical legacy is secure for the future. £7million is not an impossible debt to settle without selling out our heritage.

  3. Save the RI! Is this project that could be funded via

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  5. There is a strong connection with the Royal Institution with my part of the world. I live in Penzance, the birth place of Humphry Davey, a contemporary of Faraday. I visited the RI last July to see actor/comedian Ben Miller launch his book ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’. Before that, a friend and I wandered around the Faraday museum and could feel the history there. It breas my heart that the centre of scientific history and discovery now is becoming nothing more than a very expensive peice of real estate for sale, with no regard of the history there. Sadly it seems to be a sign of the times. All the best for your campaign.

  6. J.M. says:

    This is circulating via twitter but does this really come from Prof Sir Harold Kroto? Twitter account and blog newly set up. Zero tweets, no blue tick, nothing on this blog to really underline identity etc. plus a shiny new gmail account. And I doubt the Prof wants to be collating reams of inbound email when he has better uses of his time. It could be kosher but it also could just be harvesting email addresses or just a troll for all I know. A piscine aroma, to say the least 🙂

    Surely a better way to show the Government a wave of protest would be a No.10 e-petition?

  7. it has been of great concern to me the way mps, over the last 15 years have been running down the long time stable hard working, future thinking, practicable, clever, soundminded, caring thoughtful for less fortunate disabled peoples institutions and way of life, in order to appease a bad decision made by mps, if yours fits this category and it seems to, I support your fight for survival.

  8. Steve Humphreys says:

    Who is the £7million owed to? Surely there can’t be many businesses happy to have their names associated with such an act of cultural vandalism? If they are a bank that recieved bailout money from the British Public their failure to safeguard the RI would be even more outrageous in my opinion.

  9. Abi Badmus says:

    We need to save the RI for our scientific and industrial community and the future generation. It is a brilliant and fine heritage that we should be proud to keep – an outstanding gift to the nation, which has contibuted to our greatness. History may not forgive our generation for getting rid of such a valuable institution.

  10. Chris Lavis says:

    Unfortunately this country has a history of not supporting scientists ,inventors etc .
    How many things has this country invented over the years and how many inventions have we see to its commercial success ? Very few.
    It would be a tragedy if the R.I. was sold and was no more but with our past record taken into account I still hope it won’t be.


  11. I agree with everything posted here. I have just set up a facebook group, and a twitter account (pending) to act as a focal point for everyone to work together to see that the building remains in the hands of the Ri. First job is to get as many people to join the facebook group as possible, to prove the number of people that care about this. We will also be setting up an e-petition (which I will post a link to on the facebook group and via the twitter account later). And then it is a case of going cap-in-hand to everyone we can think of for donations. The amount needed is much less than the £60 million that selling the building would raise. More like £8 million. That is a drop in the ocean, and very achievable for a group of determined individuals. We can do this!

    Mary R. Perkins, Ri-ophile

    ( Founder of )

  12. Rob Jackson says:

    I was lucky enough to visit the RI for collaborative research in the early to mid 90’s, and I have very happy memories of the place. I would support any effort to save it and help re-establish it as a centre for scientific outreach.

  13. Zafar Choudhary (@zafarc) says:

    My children and I have been to many fantastic events and lectures at the Ri. Allowing the historic venue to be sold off would be a terrible shame. Save the Ri.

  14. Andres says:

    I was born in Argentina and as a teenager always dreamt of visiting the Royal Institution and attend the Christmas Lectures . Now I am fortunate enough to live in London and have visited the RI several times. The history and excellence that emanate from this building cannot be expressed in words. A true gift for mankind and an inspiration for future minds. It’s a shame most british people don’t realise how this could affect the future of science and of this country. This Institution is a national treasure and it should be protected or it will be lost forever. Whatever I can do I WILL DO to help save the RI.

  15. Rosie Coates says:

    Not only does the venue have a fantastic history of research and science communication which deserve to be celebrated and preserved for the nation, but the building itself and the important work that its staff do serve to inspire young scientists of the future. I certainly feel that the RI has influenced my career strongly. From watching the christmas lectures on tv, to deciding to study chemistry in London, to taking optional courses in the history of science right to my current position as a science communicator, the RI and the building it is housed in have influenced and inspired me. I hope that it can continue to do so for future generations.

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