Progress – 21/1/2013

“A statement should be ready later this evening US  time with a preliminary outline of a viable strategy to save the Royal Institution.  It has taken longer than expected partly because the true scale of the problem has not yet been divulged.  One reason is that no detailed financial information is available and furthermore any viable strategy must include a forward look which potential providers with the level of financial support needed will find credible.”  harry


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One Response to Progress – 21/1/2013

  1. I look forward to hearing your suggestions of a strategy 🙂

    I spoke to someone at the RI earlier today. In the first instance she said the Ri would welcome visible forms of support, like people joining as members via their website (which puts cash into the Ri as well as showing we care), and also of course by adding their names to the facebook group.

    She has promised to be in touch with further ways we can help, which I shall announce on twitter and in the group.

    I would love to hear how we can support your plans too. Working together, I feel sure we can achieve great things 🙂

    Mary R Perkins

    ( @Save21Albemarle and )

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